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Why Bread is Awesome and Won't Make You Fat

Why Bread is Awesome and Won't Make You Fat

“Bread Phobia” – A fear that bread is the devil and will automatically make you fat.
Please tell me that I am not the only one who at one point in their life has had an irrational fear for bread. My fear was somewhat towards carbs in general but bread  in particular left me with feelings of guilt and regret. 

I grew up in a household where my older brother had been diagnosed with Celiac Disease from a young age. This disease strips the small intestine of villi (tiny finger like projections that promote nutrient absorption!) when gluten is consumed. (If this is you, stop reading here as this post will not apply to you!) Our family was very careful to avoid gluten for a very good reason. 

Once I moved away from home I still continued to avoid bread like the plague. Not for fear of allergy but because I had read somewhere that consuming a low-carb diet was best to achieve rock hard abs. This article also read that bread would lead to weight gain. I ate it up (and not the bread!)

I tend to have a bit of an obsessive or "all or nothing" personality type. This led me to make the ultimate decision to avoid bread altogether. I would consume bread on occasion or as a “cheat meal” once every few weeks. Feelings of guilt and regret often followed this.(Hey that article must have been true right?!) 

Now let’s fast forward to 2017 so I can set the record straight. I have fully embraced bread and realized that my fear was irrelevant as it will not hinder abdominal progress OR make you fat.  Turns out, bread isn’t so scary after all and is now a common lunch/dinner guest in my household. 

I always try to choose the most wholesome variety of any food when possible, if I can do so without compromising on taste (Hey, that’s important too!) Bread is no exception. 

Although I do consume other brands of bread from time to time and certainly don’t avoid it when eating out, I love to pick Silver Hills Bakery when given an option.  Who said bread can’t be a “health food” anyway?

When purchasing a high quality “health” bread ask yourself the following questions:

Where in the supermarket is, the bread kept?

Unless you are shopping at a bakery and it is made fresh daily the answer should be the freezer. If bread needs to be kept frozen it means that there are little preservatives present to prolong its shelf life. 

Is it sprouted?

The most nutrient dense breads always are as the grains themselves have not undergone any processing. If you are worried about a possible gluten sensitivity this is your best bet. Sprouted grains have already been broken down to the enzymes present in the living sprout, this makes for easier digestion and increased nutrients/mineral absorption. (Yay for no bloating!)

How do I know if I am choosing a healthy bread?

Look at the first 5 ingredients on the label, these will be found in the highest amounts. (Great tip to be mindful of when purchasing any packaged food) In Silver Hills products, the first 5 ingredients are things like oats, spelt, flax, brown rice, and other nutrient dense grains! (Depending on which bread you choose)


If your bread contains 4+ grams/slice this is a major bonus. Silver Hills products are fierce on their fiber game and who doesn’t appreciate that?

Now start eating bread again because, it’s awesome and no food should be off limits.

Let me know what you thought of sprouted bread! Did you notice a difference?

- Sarah

Sprouted grain bread. Silver Hills Bakery

Sprouted grain bread. Silver Hills Bakery

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