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The S**T Your Crash Diet Didn't Mention

The S**T Your Crash Diet Didn't Mention

(Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that low carbohydrate diets planned by a health professional may be recommended for certain individuals.)

We have all been there before. Insert name of big event coming up _______. That “diet” you had planned to start two months ago, to fit into that body con dress was replaced with late night snacking to finish the leftover birthday cake in the freezer. (Hey it's a rough job but, somebody has to do it!)

Feeling panicked as there are only a few weeks left before ___________, you leave your usual 3pm snack apple behind. This fits into your overall plan of drastically slashing calories and carbs prior to your event.

You may notice over the next few days that your bowel movements have seriously slowed down. (Red flag!) And despite having lost a few pounds, your stomach is looking a little more bloated than usual.

Rather than reaching for laxatives to solve the problem, try focusing on the amount of fiber you are consuming instead.

(One of) The problem(s) with “low calorie/carbohydrate style crash diets” that you may not know, is that fiber comes primarily from carbohydrate sources! (bread, potato, fruits, vegetables etc.) Fiber is is not found in animal protein or fish.

 When you decided to drastically lower your carbohydrate intake, you may be robbing your body of the fiber it needs to function properly. I must also mention that severely cutting calories may not give your body enough “substance” to produce a bowel movement at all!

Key roles of fiber:

  1. Healthy food digestion

  2. Blood sugar management

  3.  Satiety

  4.  Proper bowel movements.

Over time not producing daily bowel movements can have a less then favorable effect. Bowel movements are necessary to eliminate waste and toxins from the body. They also help to ensure our digestive system is in proper working order! If you are not having a bowel movement daily/every other day it may be time to call on fiber to help fix the plumbing.

“So, how do I know if I am eating enough fiber?”

It may be time to drop your crash diet and exchange calorie counting for fiber counting!

Recommended Daily Intake To Aim  For: 
Females 25-30 grams/day
Males: 40 grams/day  

*Be sure to add extra fiber into your diet slowly if you are consuming small amounts currently. 

Take the handy chart below with you on your next grocery shop to ensure you are choosing high fiber foods. Included are top picks for each high fiber category! 

Let me know how adding more fiber to your diet improved your life! 

- Sarah

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