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Why You Should Eat Chocolate Daily!

Why You Should Eat Chocolate Daily!

I believe that everyone has their food vice, that one item they seem to crave when times get tough. Mine has always been chocolate, somehow it has the ability to make almost any day just a little bit better.

For many years I limited the relationship we had. I only allowed myself to call chocolate up during my down days as a quick fix! 

When I made the decision not to eliminate any foods from my diet, dark chocolate and I quickly entered a long term, committed relationship.

After doing some research, I discovered the many benefits cocoa has to offer! Finally, proof that chocolate has your back in good and bad times. 

The truth is, a chocolate addiction may actually be benefiting your overall health! 

Did You Know?

Dark chocolate contains an amino acid that converts to serotonin? This is an important neurotransmitter responsible for mood elevation. I guess this is why women often list chocolate as their food vice! Isn't it amazing how intuitive our bodies are to gravitate towards this naturally?

Choosing The Right Chocolate

It is important to be mindful of the % of cocoa your chocolate will contain. The higher the % the healthier and more pure the cocoa content is. This means that the benefits listed above will be found in greater amounts and the sugar content will be lower. (Yay, no sugar crash!)

 If you are converting from milk to dark chocolate, I would suggest starting at 60-65% and slowly working your way up to the 80-85% varieties. Many people give up on dark chocolate as it is more bitter and less sweet than milk chocolate. 

When To Consume

It is never a bad time for chocolate, am I right ladies? But, please note that cocoa contains a small amount of caffeine. This may affect some individuals so, it may not always be the best choice right before bed. For this reason I suggest eating dark chocolate as an afternoon snack. (I can't think of a better pick me up)

How Much Should I Have?

Although this is a healthy food you must be mindful of the amount you are consuming! The calories and fat will add up quickly, I suggest 2-3 squares per day. 

What Brand Do You Recommend?

Through my many years of trial and error I have narrowed my top choices down to 4. I do find that they all have a slightly different texture and flavor profile, for this reason I love to switch them up!

Where To Buy!

Lindtt can be purchased at any Canadian drugstore or grocery store. All of the other brands listed can be found in most specialty health food stores or online at

I hope this post inspires you to enjoy more chocolate. I would love to hear from you! Comment below and let me know which bar you liked best.

- Sarah

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