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Common Mistakes Preventing YOU From Getting Fit

Common Mistakes Preventing YOU From Getting Fit

Maybe your New Years Resolution for 2016 was to get in better shape or be healthier in general. Yet, somehow it seems like you are continually restarting your journey to better health. Your methods just aren't working!

Feeling lost, you seek help from google. It is no mystery as to why you go to the internet for advice, what an amazing place it truly is. You can learn how to do just about anything from teaching your dog a new trick, to learning a new language. If all the information and advice you need is at your fingertips, why aren't you reaching your goals?

As most things in life there are multiple routes you can take to arrive at the same destination. The real question is which one is best for YOU. 

Here are the Most Common Mistakes People Make When Starting a Fitness Routine

1- Comparing Yourself To Someone Else

But ___ (insert name of social media icon) does 60 minutes of cardio everyday plus yoga and hand presses her own juice.  

Hey, news flash you and her are not the Olsen twins! Chances are you lead completely different lifestyles. You need to march to your own drum and factor YOUR life into the equation. Design a route that is easy for you, don't over complicate things. 

Her sucess is not my failure.jpg

How to Fix It

  1. Plan with YOU in mind: Decide how much time you can commit to exercise and schedule it! Right now, into your day planner (Yes you!) 
  2. Be creative: Maybe you can't afford to buy fresh pressed juice. Okay, what frozen veggies can you blend into your smoothie each day? Instead of giving up because you cannot afford to do the healthy things someone else can, look for the alternatives that suit your lifestyle and budget! 

2- Doing Things You Don't Enjoy

Okay, your daughter HATES ballet. Is she ever going to be dancing in the Nutcracker professionally? No! You let her quit to pursue things she LOVES and as a result will find success in. So, why are you still forcing yourself to run everyday when you HATE it? 

Be in love with your life, every minutes of it.jpg

Life is SO short. Don't waste your time doing things you loath, there are hundreds of activities that you can do to get fit. Physical activity comes in so many different forms, pick something you love and stick with it!

3-All or Nothing Dieting

Have you ever fallen into one of these categories?

#1 You go all in! When you "screw up" a day on your "diet" you find yourself in the drive thru

#2 You aren't a huge fruit or veggie fan so you have already decided that eating healthy isn't your thang' 

#3 You don't allow yourself any freedom in your eating habits and as a result end up binging or giving up after a few months

Find Your Balance: If you are looking at your meal plan saying a soft goodbye to all your favorite foods that are being left behind, you need to loosen up a bit. You can still be fit and eat a cookie every now and again (and again hehe) 

I like using the 75/25 rule, most of the time you eat wholesome  healthy foods but there is room everyday to treat yo' self (Isn't that what life is all about anyway?) 

Above all, understand that you are making a commitment to YOURSELF to live a healthier life. You do not need to change everything all at once. Instead, find your path and be kind to the unique person that you are along the way. Do the things that work for you and follow them until you reach the destination (wherever it may be) 

If you are able to do THIS, I promise you will be fit for life. 

Love yourself enough, to live a healthy lifestyle. fall in love with taking care of yourself!.jpg

- Sarah

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