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How To Treat Yo' Self Without Derailing Your Progress (Feat. Black Bean Brownies!)

How To Treat Yo' Self Without Derailing Your Progress (Feat. Black Bean Brownies!)

Raise your hand if you have ever classified foods as “good” or “bad” based on how healthy or diet friendly you feel they are.

As a previous bikini competitor, I spent many years of my life married to a very strict diet. I followed the direction of my coach: no fruit, no carbs after 7pm, no chocolate, absolutely no alcohol etc. These rules became normal to me and I only enjoyed “off limits” foods on holidays when a competition was no where in sight.

The truth is that I developed a fear for some of the foods I was told not to consume. I felt that when I was eating them that I was doing something wrong and those foods would have terrible side effects on my body! After an ice cream cone, I would obsessively check my abs to make sure it didn’t derail all my progress.

My everyday diet was very bland and repetitive. I seemed to have cravings all the time! When I gave in to a craving it was often hard to stop eating and I would usually end up overdoing it. It became easier for me to just avoid those foods all together.

When I stopped competing I made a deal with myself that I would fix the relationship I had with food. I made a giant list of every food I feared and weekly challenged myself to incorporate an item on the list. Suddenly I began to see that these foods I feared so much weren’t so scary after all. Once I started incorporating foods that were once off limits my cravings started to disappear.

Now almost two years later, I eat a variety of foods daily. If I am out for coffee and want a cookie, I eat it. If I want to meet a friend for sangria, I drink sangria! 75% of the time I eat healthy, wholesome foods (fruit included!) and the rest of the time I live it up! Life is to short to turn down birthday cake or that glass of champagne anyways.

Make a lifestyle change and ditch that 6 week “diet” you are following!

Staying on track and maintaining your goals permanently is all about finding a healthy balance. I am not recommending you fill your daily diet with sweets but a little something a few times a week won’t hurt your progress. Like anything in life, moderation is key. Sure your 6 week detox from all sugar may help you lose weight short term but it is not realistic! Life is all about celebrations and food, why set yourself up to miss out?

Sometimes I feel we overcomplicate eating. We feel like we must jump on the latest fad or health trend making extreme changes to our diets. Trust me, I've been there and I've tried almost every diet under the sun, at the end of the day moderation and healthy eating really does work! 

When I want to enjoy a treat daily I like to make my own healthier swap for it! Not only does this allow me to incorporate wholesome ingredients but it also ups the nutritional value.

I am so excited to share with you guys a staple in my bag of tricks: Black bean brownies. These can be incorporated into your daily intake of food, they are full of protein and make the perfect snack!

Delicious Protein Black Bean Brownies


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