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Can You Trust Your Microblading Specialist?

Can You Trust Your Microblading Specialist?

Microblading, basically a fancy word for eyebrow tattoos. This procedure is not for the semi serious about eyebrows kinda girl. It is semi permanent makeup after all. 

I remember back in highschool asking my esthetician to purposely wax off the majority of my eyebrows, I just wanted to look like Christina Aguilera and at the time I was totally on trend.

Fast forward 8 years and big, bold brows are all the rage. Turns out they work wonders in accentuating the eyes. I guess they are better than those pencil thin lines we called the perfect brows in 2005 (Who knew?)

Before Microblading

Before Microblading

With my lack of eyebrow hair from my previous waxing binges I needed to take matters into my own hands. 7 YouTube tutorials and dozens of products later I was drawing in my brows like a pro. Not only did this add ten extra minutes to my makeup routine but it also was a problem for my lifestyle. There is nothing I love more then getting a good sweat at the gym or spending hours at the beach. A daily worry of mine was sweating my brows off (literally.

I came across a photo of a woman on instagram that had her brows microbladed. Not only did her brows look better then my picasso masterpieces but they were waterproof. I was sold. Where could I get this magical procedure done?

I pondered this idea for months, realizing the permanency and chance for error- who could I really trust to put semi permanent makeup on my face?

After microblading!

After microblading!

Who Can You Trust?

Microblading is an art, you are trusting someone to design the exact desired look of your brows. Prior to the procedure the specialist will outline your "perfect brow." This includes your desired shape, height of the arches, thickness- there is so much to consider!

So, who better than a makeup artist? Essentially the specialist is drawing feather like strokes with the blade to create your desired look. I decided to contact Koreena King at Caryl Baker Visage in Ottawa, Ontario. 

Koreena is a phenomenal makeup artist and I knew I would be in good hands. Aside from her steady hand, she underwent extensive training to make her a pro at the craft of microblading. 

Makeup by Koreena King

Makeup by Koreena King

Did you know: Anyone can perform microblading?! A kit can be purchased on Amazon and BOOM you are able to start booking clients. (Yikes)

Do your research, ask which course your specialist has taken and it's length. It is very important that the specialist understands the hair pattern of the brow, this creates a more natural look when microblading. 

Ask for before and after photos and don't be afraid to spend a little more money. This is permanent and could potentially be harmful to you if performed incorrectly. 

Before and after microblading

Before and after microblading

Will It Hurt?

If your microblading specialist knows their stuff and hasn't cheaped out on anaesthetic this procedure will not hurt. Sometimes to lower costs only a topical solution will be used- you WILL feel pain with this alone.

The following solutions were applied to my eyebrows: 

1. Topical solution: Containing over 5% lidocaine- this acts a localized pain reliever. 

After the topical solution was applied Koreena scratched my eyebrows lightly with the tool for microblading. This was done for the next step: 

2. Local Anaesthetic: This product was called tetracaine which numbed the area deeply to prevent any pain during this process. 

How Does It Work?

After the desired shape has been drawn and anaesthetic has been applied the process can begin!

Your microblading specialist is responsible for picking the best possible pigment for your skin. This step is very important as it needs to match up with your underlying skin tone and hair colour. A less educated specialist could easily make a mistake here affecting how this whole process turns out. 

The selected pigment is placed in a small container where the blade will be dipped. This is then applied to your brow in feather like strokes to create the illusion of hair.  

After 6 weeks you will return for your follow up appointment. Over this first month your brows will fade, this will help to lock in colour and add thickness to any desired areas. 

How Long Will It Last?

The ideal candidates for microblading are those with drier skin. Dry skin tends to hold the pigment for longer than oily skin and often shows up better.

Over time the colour will start to turn grey, blue or ashy and you will need to go back for a touch up to freshen the brows.

If your specialist is not using correct pressure with the blade your brows could potentially fade faster. (Another reason to do your research!)

Microblading Lifespan:

Dry skin: 12-36 months

Oily skin: 6-36 months

Can I Get An Infection? 

All tools used during my procedure were brand new. Koreena took the time to educate me on caring for my new brows, sending me home with after care products. I did not have any redness or swelling afterwards. 

Ask to see all products used during your procedure to ensure you are getting proper service. (And cleanliness!)

What's Next?

I will be returning to see Koreena for my follow up appointment! Stay tuned for the next stage. 

About My Brow Guru:

Koreena King
Instagram: koko_king_00
Inquire At: Caryl Baker Visage

Pleases leave any comments or questions below!
- Sarah





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