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4 Tools To Take Your Body The Extra Mile

4 Tools To Take Your Body The Extra Mile


I have been working as a Registered Massage Therapist for over three years. A lot of my practice has been dedicated to runners and cyclists. Most of the injuries I regularly see are related to improper warm up or self-care. 

Prior to beginning my own couch to 10km, I decided to set up my self-care routine ahead of time. It is so often athletes only start doing this when an injury has ALREADY happened. Why not take the steps to prevent injuries from happening in the first place?

Whether you are hitting the pavement for the first time or a training for your 5th marathon, these tools/products are sure to keep you in tip top shape all season long. 

1- Skinord Pre- Workout Cream

Sometimes that five minute walking warm up just isn't enough to properly prepare your body for the journey ahead. Maybe you are short on time and can't give your body the warm up it deserves. Fear not, Skinord has your back!

Ever wonder why you can go that much deeper into your poses in hot yoga compared to regular yoga? Heat actually stimulates blood flow waking up stiff muscles. Not only will warm muscles perform better but you will decrease your risk of injury during your workout. This product also contains ingredients that will decrease lactic acid build up helping you train longer and stronger.

How To Use: 

Rub this cream onto areas that will be active during your workout. You will feel the immediate heat to these areas prepping your body for your training session. 

Get it today:

#2: Trigger Point Foam Roller

This is a classic tool that never loses it's importance. The purpose of foam rollers is to release Fascia. (Well, what the heck is that?!)

We all have layers of fascia between our muscle and connective tissue - when our muscles tighten with exercise as does our fascia.

One major area to consider for runners is the Iliotibial or IT band. This area is comprised solely of fascia and runs from our hip to our lower leg. It often becomes very tight in runners and cyclists! 

As a precautionary measure I encourage my clients to spend 3-5 minutes on each IT band daily.

How To Use: 

Supporting your body with your elbows, lay on your right side, with the foam roller under your right hip, slowly inch your body over the roller until it reaches your lower leg. Repeat on the opposing side.

Start with a light to medium density roller and graduate up as your body adjusts to the pressure. Choose between a 13 or 26 inch roller, I love the smaller size as it easily can be tucked into my gym bag or suitcase when travelling. 

#3: Handheld Foam Roller

Shin splints tend to be a common complaint of runners. Did you know that there is a muscle on the front of your lower leg called your Tibialis Anterior? This muscle is being worked every time your foot points upward. (Constantly when running!) 

This can be an awkward muscle to foam roll/stretch- this is when the handheld foam roller come in... well, handy! (pun intended)

Apply the roller against your "shin muscle" and apply light pressure. Move up and down spending extra time on sore areas. Continue for 2-3 minutes total and repeat on opposite leg.

#4 Acuball Mini

A common injury in runners is called plantar fasciitis - This is the inflammation of the fascia on the bottom of your feet! 

It is no wonder this injury occurs, your feet are working so darn hard to keep your body moving! 

I fell in love with this tool because it can be heated or cooled down. (microwaved or frozen in freezer) Try placing it in the freezer and roll out the bottoms of your feet after a long run. This will not only bring down inflammation but also work on breaking up fascia to prevent issues. 

Step on acuball and roll under foot slowly. Spend extra time on areas that feel tender or restricted. This can be used before or after activity.

If you are a runner or cyclist I  recommend spending 10 minutes per workout day with these tools. Consider incorporating some time of bodywork (Massage, acupuncture, chiropractic etc. every 4-6 weeks as a "tune up.") There is nothing that will stunt your progress faster than an injury!

Be sure to enter the Skinord draw on instagram for your chance to win a self care prize package! Subscribe to our newsletter and follow Skinord on instagram. Draw is open until Monday August 14! 

- Sarah




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