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The Non Resolution Revolution

The Non Resolution Revolution


The dictionary defines a resolution as a decision to do or to not do something. Like… not stop at the drive-thru after spin class or to only drink wine every other Friday.

Can we get real for just a second? If you are deciding to definitely do or not do one thing for an ENTIRE YEAR aren’t you setting yourself up to fail?

I mean 12 months is a long time. What if your best friends wedding falls on a Saturday or you just somehow forget that you’ve cut yourself off of wine after a few to many tequila shots? (*insert eye roll)

We all are so guilty of loving the extremes, sometimes it feels easier to cut something out completely than to just monitor our intake of it. Let’s be real, how many people in your life suddenly developed a mysterious gluten allergy last year when they wanted to drop a few? PLUS an extreme gives us the bragging rights to tell our social circle how hardcore we can be.

I’ll admit it, at first it feels easier and way more cool… until it doesn’t. Until our self control goes out the window and the “resolution” becomes an “oh well” Next thing we know it’s 2020 and we are stuffing our face with bagels and realizing our resolution is nothing more than something we said at a party once. (How original)

The Non Resolution Revolution

So now that I have totally bashed your hopes and dreams for 2019 let’s build up the tools you need to actually accomplish some BIG dreams. I’m talking those ones you get chills thinkings about.

Here is how I like to break down my yearly goals

Set 3 audacious goals: I’m talking, those goals that you will feel crazy just writing down. WRITE IT ANYWAYS. Not every person who has achieved greatness has come from a place of privilege. We live in this amazing generation of opportunity. We have access to more information than ever before. This is your permission slip to dare to dream, to call out the things you want into the universe and work your ass off to see them through.

Categorize your goals: Your three crazy goals are set but you need to set smaller ones too! I believe that we need the gratification of achieving things constantly instead of just relying on those huge wins to give us a pat on the back. Achieving goals big and small keep us motivated and give us the energy to keep chasing down more. All of these small goals will contribute to your audacious ones in some way. These are the baby steps and will help to manifest who you are and how you show up each day.

4X your year: Divide your year into 4 sections by month (Jan-March etc.) Each month set a theme and a goal for the following categories: Business/Career, Self Improvement, Health, Relationship/social. This will be the trajectory for your big audacious goals- again the baby steps. You will also be reminded to check in each quarter and make sure these goals are still relevant and maybe add new ones too! (How awesome are you!)

Specific: Get specific girlfriend
One of my goals from my health category for my first quarter is: “To workout more” Now I have to ask myself the real questions: How many times a week? What style of workout will I do? What if I get bored of that style? What time of day will I go? I even got as specific as adding my workouts onto my google calendar as though they are appointments. You have to know HOW you are going to achieve something… the New Years fairy is not going to swoop down and save you, these goals require actual plans.


But what will keep me motivated this year? I went through most of my life not following through on my personal commitments. I told myself I would get up early to hit the gym or sit down to write a blog post and didn’t follow through.

One key thing I have learned in not showing up for myself is that these little personal commitments we make build our self confidence. You need to value your own time because if you are not intentional about where it is spent it will just be allocated to whatever your world throws your way- a constant instagram scroll perhaps? I was recently given some advice that has really stuck with me “In not deciding you are deciding to lose your control” The world keeps on turning whether you follow your commitments or you don’t, it does not pause and wait for you. That time you had allocated to the things that mattered to you will magically reallocate some place else.

You NEED to VALUE yourself enough to show up for the things that matter to you. Your time is so precious and has such a great impact over the things you want most in life. If you promised yourself a 7am workout class- you better go. If you told yourself that you would spend 30 minutes on your business plan, you better do it. How can you expect other people to value your word if you don’t value it?

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