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How To Be "Beach Ready" Fast!

How To Be "Beach Ready" Fast!

Although I am not typically one for "quick fixes" we are all bound to have those weeks or months (oops) where our healthy eating and exercise habits are replaced by "Netflix and eat" 

So what happens when you have been off your usual routine and an event arises that you want to look your best for? Maybe you need to fit into your little black dress or you have a date at the beach- whatever it may be there is no need to fret, as always I have you covered!

I feel that particularly in these situations people often underestimate that with fitness and nutrition doing less often renders a greater outcome. In other words, you do not have to kill yourself to make a change. Instead of doing your usual calorie slashing protocol try taking my approach. 

Below are the tips and tricks I personally use to make changes with my physique in short periods of time. I am always consistent in my efforts (healthy eating, exercise) but have a few tactics for looking my best quickly. 

1-Eat Whole Foods

Aim to avoid processed foods. As a general tip try shopping the perimeter of the grocery store for fresh produce, meats, fruits etc.  

When choosing carbohydrates with the exception of fruits try to opt for low glycemic items. Your body will digest these foods slowly allowing you to feel full for longer periods of time! Use the list below for ideas of foods:

Note: * This is not something I feel that needs to be implemented at all times, prior to a big event it will help you tighten up that extra bit!

2-No Alcohol

This is the most important tip on this list. Alcohol consumption will hinder your progress. Aside from the fact that it is full of empty calories, it is nearly impossible to lose body fat in the days following a night of heavy drinking.

Your new mantra:"Save the chardonnay, for after the big day!"

3- Watch Sodium

A little bit of sodium in your diet is a good thing! However, I do suggest that you stay consistent in the amounts you consume daily prior to wearing your LBD. Large spikes in sodium will lead to bloating. 

In other words do not go crazy and have an epicure party the night before your target event.

4- Sleep

Sleep is so often undervalued. Amazing things happen in our bodies after a good nights sleep. Try to get a solid 8 hours the week prior to your event. 

Not only will you lower cortisol (stress hormones!) vital to weight loss, but you will help boost recovery time so that your body can perform better in the gym! 

5- Increase Water Consumption

Many people are under hydrated. Water makes up 65% of the human body and helps our entire system perform at it's optimal level. (Digestion especially!) I usually increase my water by about 1/2 my regular amount when getting ready for a big event. 

On the special day sip water in smaller amounts to avoid bloating.

6- Increase Fiber + Magnesium

Check out my latest blog article for the importance of increasing fiber.(The S**t Your Crash Diet Didn't Mention)

Consider adding a magnesium supplement to your diet. Magnesium aids in muscle recovery, improves your sleep quality and aids in digestion. All of these properties are important components in making changes in your physique.

 *Talk to your local health food store for recommendations that suit you best!

7- Up Intensity!

I choose to do little cardio day to day. I do this for a two reasons. 

1- I would rather lift weights or do yoga
2- I do not want my body to become dependent on it

The truth of the latter is that when you are doing massive amount of cardio daily your body becomes aware of the amount of calories it will be deficient on and adjusts accordingly.

The problem is, when you stop doing this often times you will have trouble maintaining your weight. Technically speaking without the usual amounts of cardio you have entered a calorie surplus.

Tip: I love using cardio as a way to manipulate my physique.

Prior to an event I will add in an extra day of cardio, up the amount of time or intensity of my current routine or throw in some tabata training post workout if I am short on time.

Tabata training: Perform 6 exercises for 20 seconds each with 10 seconds rest in between each exercise. I usually will perform 2-4 rounds total with a .60 second rest in between each round.

Tip:Try the app Tabata to time intervals. 

My favourite way to incorporate Tabatha is into my ab workout. Try my go-to routine below. Comment below and let me know how it went!

- Sarah

Tabata Ab Workout

Tabata Ab Workout





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